Ecocradle | Celebrate Green Diwali with Ecocradle's Seed Crackers (Beej Patakha)

Celebrate Green Diwali with Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers (Beej Patakha)


Diwali is the festival of lights, and it’s a time for celebration and joy. However, the excessive use of firecrackers has raised environmental concerns and impacted air quality significantly. This Diwali, why not make a conscious choice and celebrate in an eco-friendly way with Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers? These unique crackers are designed to be sown and grown into beautiful plants, transforming your celebrations into a green and pollution-free experience.

Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers: An Eco-Friendly Choice for Diwali

Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers are a refreshing departure from traditional Diwali crackers. Handmade by talented rural women from eight villages in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, these crackers are more than just a festive delight. What sets them apart is their unique design – they are not explosive but instead embedded with live seasonal flower and vegetable seeds. This innovative approach ensures they won’t harm any living being in any form, making them truly eco-friendly.

1. Ladi

Ecocradle Seed Crackers Ladi 1

Embedded Seeds: Red Amaranthus, Green Amaranthus, Senna Tora, Radish, Mustard, Purslane & Spinach

How to grow:

  • Untie the Ladi from the bunch.
  • Every ladi in the bunch consists of seeds and it is to be sown in separate pots containing soil.
  • Water the pots with Ladis regularly and watch them grow!

2. Anar

Ecocradle Seed Crackers Anaar 1

Embedded Seeds: Golden Shower Tree, Agasti (Sesbania Grandiflora)

How to grow:

  • Open up the cracker to find a seed ball inside.
  • Place this seed ball in a pot filled with soil.
  • Fully cover the seed ball with more soil.
  • Water the pot regularly and watch the seeds grow into a beautiful plant!

3. Chakkar

Ecocradle Seed Crackers Chakkar 1

Embedded Seeds: Onion

How to grow:

  • Place the Chakkar in a pot filled with soil.
  • Cover it up with more soil uniformly.
  • Water it regularly and watch it grow!

4. Bomb

Ecocradle Seed Crackers Hemp Bomb 1

Embedded Seeds: Roselle Hemp

How to grow:

  • Open up the bomb by removing the rope to find a seed ball inside.
  • Sow the seed ball in a pot containing soil.
  • Cover it up with some more soil.
  • Water it regularly and watch it grow into a beautiful plant!

5. Rocket

Ecocradle Seed Crackers Rocket 1

Embedded Seeds: Cucumber

How to grow:

  • Sow the Rocket upside down in a pot containing soil.
  • Cover it up with soil properly and let the stick of the Rocket stand up straight from the pot.
  • To give it more support you can tie it up with a rope.
  • Water it regularly and as it grows let the creeper branch coil up on the stick.

6. Laxmi Bomb

Ecocradle Seed Crackers Laxmi Bomb

Embedded Seeds: Bauhinia Racemosa (Sonapatti/Aapta), Okra

How to grow:

  • Simply sow it horizontally in a pot containing soil.
  • Cover it up with some more soil.
  • Keep the soil moist and water it regularly.

Pro Tips for Sowing and Growing:

For better results when sowing Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers, soak them in water for at least half an hour before planting. This ensures that the seeds receive the moisture they need to germinate successfully.

It’s important to note that Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers may resemble traditional Diwali crackers in appearance, but they are anything but typical. These crackers are noise-free, explosives-free, and waste-free. They are meant to be sown instead of fired up. All you need to do is sow the crackers in the soil, water them regularly, and watch them grow into beautiful plants, making your celebrations eco-conscious and environmentally friendly.

This Diwali, make a difference by choosing Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers to light up your celebrations. Not only will you enjoy a pollution-free and green Diwali, but you’ll also contribute to the empowerment of rural women and the preservation of our environment. Celebrate the festival of lights in a way that truly illuminates a brighter, sustainable future. Choose Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers for a joyous and eco-friendly Diwali!

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