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Seed Crackers

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  • जलाइए नहीं उगाइये
  • NO Burning
  • NO Explosives
  • NO Noise
  • Embedded with Seeds
Delivered in 4-5 working days.

Ecocradle’s Seed Crackers are just what you need to amp up your celebrations this Diwali and to change the narrative towards making more conscious choices. This set consists of 6 crackers that are meant to be sown and planted instead of being fired up!

Handmade by rural women from 8 villages in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh these crackers are unlike our conventional Diwali crackers as they are not made with explosives but embedded with live seasonal flower and vegetable seeds which will not harm any living being in any form. These crackers are Eco-friendly and meant to make your celebration pollution-free and your surroundings greener with every use. All you need to do is to sow the crackers in soil, water them regularly and watch them grow.

Kit contains total 6 seed crackers which includes Chakkar, Bomb, Anaar, Rocket, Laxmi Bomb & Ladi.


How To Use

These crackers are not to be burnt, as burning them will hamper the seeds and might not be able to grow into plants.
Chakkar: Simply place it in soil, water it regularly.
Anar: Open up the cracker to find a seed ball inside, place it in soil, water it regularly.
Ladi: Untie the Ladi from the bunch and sow in separate pots, water it regularly.
Laxmi Bomb: Simply sow it horizontally in soil, water it regularly to grow.
Rocket: Sow the rocket upside down in soil and let the stick of the rocket stand up straight from the pot. Water it regularly and as it grows, let the creeper branch coil up on the stick.
Roselle Hemp Bomb: Open up the bomb by removing the rope to find a seed ball inside. Sow the seed ball in soil and water it regularly.
Pro-tip for better Sowing and Growing: Before sowing any of the following seed crackers, soak it up in water for at least half an hour so that the water reaches the seed and help them germinate better.


Seed crackers might look like your regular Diwali Crackers but they aren’t!! These crackers are noise-free, explosives-free and waste-free.

They are meant to be sown instead of fired up. All you need to do is to sow the crackers in the soil, water them regularly and watch them grow!

11 reviews for Seed Crackers

  1. Soham Das (verified purchase)

    Loved it!

  2. Sahil Khurana (verified purchase)

    Such a pleasant and unique gift.

  3. Karan Rai (verified purchase)

    A thoughtful gift to promote Green Diwali

  4. Ashutosh Kamra (verified purchase)

    I bought it for my children and they really liked it.

  5. Puja G (verified purchase)

    Loved the concept of plantable seed crackers.

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