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Seed Macrame Rakhi Kit For Raksha Bandhan


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  • Seed Macrame Rakhi
  • Vegan Chocolates
  • Roli-Chawal
  • Instruction Manual
  • Raksha Bandhan Greeting
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Every occasion, every festival that we celebrate, signifies our gratitude for the people around us, for the blessings that we receive in the form of health and happiness and the bond that we share with our loved ones. Raksha Bandhan, specially, is the festival to celebrate and strengthen the sibling bond along with loads of fun which makes it even more memorable. But our gratitude should also be towards Mother Earth which is not the case when our celebrations end up generating loads and loads of waste.

Why not make our celebrations more memorable along with making them sustainable? This Raksha Bandhan, let’s make long lasting memories with Seed Macrame Rakhi nurture the sibling bond with the sapling bond. Let’s have more fun while planting the seeds along with our siblings, and watch it grow into a beautiful plant!

Why This Rakhi?

With Ecocradle’s Zero Waste Seed Macrame Rakhi kit, you get a beautiful Ecofriendly Rakhi which when disposed of in a pot or in the ground, blossoms into a new life. It’s just the perfect gift symbolising the joyous spirit of the festival and brings you a fun activity to enjoy with your siblings. Once sown, these seeds will blossom into seasonal vegetable plants, a perfect addition to your home garden or backyard and a token of the happy time spent together.

This is truly a zero waste kit as the can holding rakhi contents is plastic-free and decomposable. It can also be used as an initial planter which can then be placed in the soil once the plant starts to grow. The can walls are made with paper cardboard which can be a more breathable planter with better water and nutrient absorption and also  keeps the soil and manure intact. With the aluminium disc at the bottom of the can, it provides a stable base to the sapling till it starts to grow and needs to be transferred into a bigger pot.

The seeds are usually placed in the centre of the Ecofriendly Rakhi and surrounded by cotton strands so they can germinate when sown directly in a pot or ground.

How It's Made?

Every Ecocradle Seed Macrame Rakhi Kit  that reaches you is handcrafted by our skilled craftswoman and holds organic Non-GMO Seeds that are seasonal. It also brings you some delicious Vegan and Organic Chocolates that you can savour guilt-free. To make it even more easy and fun, the kit comes with an illustrative and easy to understand manual with step-by-step instructions to sow the Eco-friendly Seed Macrame Rakhi. You can also find more about where your Eco-Friendly Seed Macrame Rakhi comes from and who makes them along with our hearty greetings for you. This is also a complete Raksha Bandhan Kit as it also comes with Roli and Chawal for the Tilak.

This Rakhshabandhan, seal the bond with your sibling with Ecocradle’s Ecofriendly, Zerowaste, Plantable Seed Macrame Rakhi.

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