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Natural Holi Colours, Pack of 4

Natural Holi Colours, Pack of 4

4 X 100gms |
Celebrate Bright, Celebrate Safe


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This special box contains our finest, completely handmade and finely filtered natural Holi colours, crafted to make your celebrations vibrant and toxin-free! Made entirely from natural ingredients, these colors are gentle on your skin and kind to the environment. Your purchase empowers over 100 female artisans in Uttarakhand and Gujarat, supporting their livelihoods. Our colors are lovingly made by these energetic women, who champion sustainability. We use sun-dried herbal ingredients like beetroot, turmeric, marigold, and the root of the Madder tree. The meticulously dried leaves, flowers, and herbs are powdered, filtered, and blended with cornstarch for a traditional gulal texture. All this goodness is packed in a fully biodegradable and recyclable box – let your creativity turn it into something new once the colors are gone!

Marigold, Turmeric, Spinach, Coriander, Madder Root, Beetroot, Indigo Leaves, Sea Salt, Cornstarch.
Sprinkle the colours dry for a traditional effect, or mix them with a bit of water for a paste or wet colour fun. After the celebration, reuse the cardboard cans for storage, planters, or creative crafts.


Artisans Behind Colours​

Our vibrant, natural Holi colors are handcrafted with love by a talented women’s team in Uttarakhand. Their dedication to sustainable practices shines through in these eco-friendly colors, promoting both social responsibility and a joyous celebration. These colors are made with pure, plant-based ingredients, ensuring a safe and vibrant festival for everyone – a testament to their commitment to crafting beautiful, responsible products.

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Customer Reviews

Nice organic colors
Sushmita Pandey
Wash off easily. Highly recommanded for kids.
Amita Seth
Blue looks dull, rest are good.
Sasmit K
Nice texture. Would love if higher quantity packages available.
Nupur D
Nice organic colors
Sushmita Pandey
Wash off easily. Highly recommanded for kids.
Amita Seth
Blue looks dull, rest are good.
Sasmit K
Nice texture. Would love if higher quantity packages available.
Nupur D
These colors are so soft and gentle – perfect for kids! I love their natural fragrance.
Asha Bhat
The colors were great but arrived a bit late for our Holi celebration.
Tarun Singh
I love that these colors are eco-friendly and don't harm our waterways!
Rohit Kumar
Great product, but I'm hoping to see even more color options next year.
Divya Patil
Love that these colors were non-toxic and washed off easily! Made for a stress-free Holi.
Nikhil Rao
I was pleasantly surprised by how vibrant these colors were!
Anjali Shah
Perfect for a worry-free Holi. I wouldn't use anything else now.
Suresh Patel
So happy we didn't have to deal with harsh chemical colors this year!
Sunita Nair
These colors are absolutely gorgeous! And I love the company's commitment to natural ingredients.
Aditya Mishra
Nice colors, but the packaging could be a little sturdier.
Kavita Deshpande
Vibrant colors that provided hours of fun! My only wish is that the packets were larger.
Vishal Gupta
Happy to use a product that won't irritate my skin or cause any long-term issues.
Nita Chauhan
Really beautiful colors that washed away without staining.
Dinesh Iyer
The perfect choice for those wanting a traditional but also safe and eco-friendly Holi.
Mala Joshi
Colors spread easily and stayed bright! Very satisfied with this purchase.
Akash Bhatt
The colors were bright and smelled amazing, just wish they came in a bigger quantity.
Riya Verma
So glad to have a safe alternative to the usual harsh colors. A bit pricey, but worth it.
Vikram Singh
Really nice colors, but I would prefer individual packets for each color instead of a mix.
Anisha Rao
Colors are beautiful, but it would be great to see some deeper shades as well.
Prashant Patil
These colors made our Holi celebration feel authentic and meaningful.
Seema Khan
I appreciated the fast shipping and that the colors didn't irritate my sensitive skin.
Rahul Sharma
The colors were fun and vibrant, though some were a bit harder to wash off than others.
Shreya Nair
Excellent quality natural colors! Perfect way to celebrate Holi safely.
Rakesh Mehra
So refreshing to use a product that aligns with my values of caring for the planet.
Sanjay Patel
The colors were gorgeous, but the price is a little steep for everyday play.
Tanvi Kapoor
I love the concept but was hoping the colors would be even brighter.
Jyoti Deshpande
Finally, Holi colors that don't make me worry about what's in them!
Priya Joshi
Gorgeous colors that made our celebration so beautiful!
Smita Kumar
Colors were a bit powdery, so be careful applying them! Still lovely overall.
Ashish Gupta
These colors are so bright and lovely! They washed off easily, and the gentle scent was pleasant.
Arjun Patel
Really nice quality colors. I just wish the packets were a little bigger, especially for the price!
Anushka Singh
Perfect for my kids! I was so relieved they didn't irritate even their sensitive skin.
Ravi Mehra
I love that these are earth-friendly. The colors could be a touch more vibrant, but still beautiful.
Priya Kapoor
These made Holi extra special! It felt good knowing we were playing with safe, natural ingredients.
Rahul Joshi
Nice colors and they smell great. I only used two colors though, so it would be nice to buy smaller sets.
Neha Sharma
Absolutely the best Holi colors I've found. Will be ordering again next year!
Vijay Gupta
Gorgeous colors that lasted the whole celebration! So happy with this purchase.
Kiran Rao
A bit expensive, but worth it if you care about using natural colors. Would recommend.
Samir Khan
These are lovely but a few packets arrived a little damp. The colors were mostly fine though.
Amita Shah
These colors bring joy! I love the variety and that they don't stain.
Manish Patel
Wonderful product! I would love to see even more color options next time.
Sonali Singh
The colors were beautiful and easy to clean up. Made for a happy and safe Holi!
Sameer Deshpande
Great that they are natural, which is my main priority. Some colors didn't spread as easily as others.
Maya Nair
I'm so impressed with these natural colors, and the packaging was beautiful too.
Rohan Verma
These colors were fun, though they could be a bit bigger for group Holi celebrations.
Anika Iyer
These make Holi guilt-free! Knowing they won't harm my skin or the environment is wonderful.
Sumit Kumar
The vibrancy was a little less than I expected, but still beautiful and safe.
Meera Patel
I love supporting brands that make natural products like these. Excellent quality colors!
Nisha Chauhan
I appreciated that they didn't stain and were safe to use. I wish there was a larger color selection.
Jayesh Patel
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Natural Holi Colours, Pack of 4
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